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Dear Parishioners:

After celebrating Christmas, it is only fitting that the Church honors and recognizes the Holy Family of Mary, Joseph, and the Christ Child. We can overlook that in the incarnation, although the Son of God, Jesus still lived a fully human life. The Feast of the Holy Family reminds us that family life is sacred and holy because Jesus lived with a family. We may be tempted to think that the Holy Family is far removed from our experience of family life today. We may be lulled into thinking that their family life was perfect and ideal. But as we reflect and meditate further, we find that they had a lot in common with today’s family.

Being from Nazareth, we can assume that they were a poor family who struggled to make ends meet. Joseph, being a carpenter, probably had to walk to the surrounding towns to find work and projects to do in order to support his family. Scholars suspect that Joseph died at some point in Jesus’ teen years, so Mary had to raise Him as a single mom. Jesus more than likely continued the carpenter business in order to support His mom.

Just from this short reflection we can see that the Holy Family had the same stresses, challenges, and difficulties as most families do. So, we can readily relate to them. The one quality that this family has that we can all strive to emulate was the love and compassion that existed. In a very real way, God was truly the center of their family life. So, too, with our families we can all make them places where unconditional love and mercy is practiced because God is truly at the center of our family life.

Finally, 2020 draws to a close this week. I do not think anyone is going to miss the crazy year it was. COVID definitely turned it into one we will all remember for various reasons. Hopefully, 2021 will be a much better year for all of us.

Make sure you reserve a spot for the masses on Dec 31 or Jan 1.

I hope everyone had a truly blessed and wonderful Christmas.


Fr. Dennis

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