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Dear Parishioners:

As we gather on this Third Week of Easter, the gospel gives us a refreshing and important word from Jesus for our reflection, “Peace be with you!”  This simple phrase is found often on the lips of our Savior throughout the gospels.  The words were not just meant for Jesus’ audience at the time.  Especially on Easter, as Jesus appears to His disciples, the words are for us here and now.  One of the gifts of Easter, is peace which is beyond all understanding.  It is based on being in the right relationship with God.  It is not based on circumstances beyond our control.

As we hear Jesus’ greeting, we take it heart.  There is so much that is causing us to be unpeaceful and ill at ease.  The COVID pandemic still hampers our ability to go and do what we want.  Our society still suffers strong divisions and bitterness along cultural, political, and societal lines.  We are no longer able to just simply disagree, but disagreements are seen as signs of intolerance.  We may have personal issues going on in our lives causing our hearts to be troubled.  In all these situations, Jesus has the simple phrase, “Peace be with you.”  We can be at peace because we do not face the issues on our own.  Rather, the risen Christ is with us and in our midst to give us courage, grace, and peace to confront whatever is going on in our lives.

Because Jesus is risen and is alive, we can be unafraid and filled with peace.  This peace goes deep into our hearts and is underneath all our other feelings and emotions.  It is a peace the world cannot give because the world does not have it.  This peace comes only from having Christ in one’s heart.

As we listen to the gospel today, let us picture Jesus standing before us, as He was with His disciples, and speaking those very same words to us, “Peace be with you.”  As He speaks them, allow them to penetrate to the very core of our being. Jesus is alive. Alleluia!

God bless,

Fr. Dennis


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