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Throughout his ministry Jesus was very aware of the sick and suffering. Many times he would stop along the road of his travels to heal someone and we also know that he spend much time in prayer each day preparing for such healings. One of the sacraments provided to us by the Church is the Anointing of the Sick. This sacrament provides for the members of the Church a means to enter more deeply into the suffering, death and resurrection of Christ. The sacrament consists of the laying on of hands, prayers, and anointing with the Oil of the Sick that is blessed each year by the Bishop at the Chrism Mass. Having received the grace of the Holy Spirit the person is helped and saved, he/she is sustained by his/her trust in God and strengthen against temptations and anxiety. With this help the person can bear suffering and fight against it. This sacrament may be received many times: during the same illness, before surgeries, for the elderly who are weak, those with chronic illnesses—both physical and mental. Only a priest can administer this sacrament, thus it is to him that one would request the celebration of this sacrament when the grace and strength of the anointing would be beneficial to the sick person.